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TV and Movie Themes

The most exciting theme parties to throw are the ones where everyone can get involved. Two of those themes include TV and Movie party themes. They are huge forms of entertainment that most people take part in and are great for parties because there are so many different costumes and decorations that can be used to make the party more festive. The uncountable number of characters and scenes in TV and movies are made famous by those people around us. We strive to provide the best party supplies and costumes for TV and movie theme parties. Using these themes will never disappoint any partygoer.

For TV parties we have covered TV themes ranging from Barney all the way to Scooby Doo. The most popular cartoons are made even more popular through our vast array of TV theme products. Do your children believe they are the best Dora the Explorer fans out there? Make them feel awesome about being a fan with our Dora the Explorer theme party. For the smaller kids who adore Sesame Street, we have specially made this party theme available for your needs. All TV themes include supplies and decorations that fit your party needs. Paper plates, cups, and napkins as well as table decorations are included in all themes.

The movie theme party is a great way for you and your children to enjoy your favorite family movies. Avid Harry Potter fans? Wave your wands and create magic with the best Harry Potter decorations and party supplies. Need ideas for a vampire party? Check out the Twilight theme party and find what costumes are popular for your needs. Follow the yellow brick road with our fantastic Wizard of Oz party supplies. Let your son enjoy being the caped crusader for his birthday with our Dark Knight party supplies. Nothing like bringing TV and movies to life at your very own party!