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Tie Dye Party

Peace and happiness… isn’t that what we all want? Fascinated by the movements in the 1960s and want to bring those feelings back? Want people to realize that there is more to life than war and money? Then throw a tie dye theme party! Bring people back decades into the past for fun and a little history. Once considered a norm among our culture, tie dye represented a blend of all people and all things in nature. Togetherness and peace was the number one goal. Bring those feelings back and host a tie dye party. Invite them with Tie Dye Fun Invitations and let your guests know that peace is still alive! Our variety of tie dye party supplies provides a great experience for your party goers. Even if it is someone’s birthday we have just the right Tie Dye Fun Balloon for them! Include a game at your party and provide peace pendants, peace earrings, or peace keychains as prizes.
For the super peace keeper you could even dress up in a costume as a Peace Out Hand. Women, you can even go the extra mile in our Peace Adult Boots!  Wouldn’t that impress your friends? Cups, plates, napkins, and centerpieces are all available for a tie dye party. Cover your tables with tie dye tablecloths and your children with tie dye stickers. And then after the party is over with, send out Tie Dye Fun Thank You Cards to thank your guests for showing up and keeping the peace! Also, send the kids home with Treat Bags!