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Space Theme Party

Blast off into outer space, explore the origins of the universe, and meet extraterrestrial beings with our fantastic space theme party supplies. Our party supplies for a space theme party make for a great experience among both adults and children. There are many child costumes available for them to live in outer space as an astronaut or their alien counterpart. Adults can even take part in the fun with our alien masks or astronaut outfits. Dressing up your child in an astronaut outfit may one day influence them to become a NASA astronaut! Have fun at your space theme party with our many accessories to complement the costumes. Astronaut backpacks, boots, and gloves go well with all the outfits available.

Does your child become absolutely amazed when gazing at the stars? Give into his dreams of becoming an astronaut by decorating his room with space mission wall decals. For his next birthday party use all sorts of space decorations so he can be proud to show off to his friends what he knows about the deep darkness of the universe. Remember to plan ahead by finding out how many guests will be attending. Let your guests RSVP after they receive your space mission invitations. We have wonderful and creative paper goods such as plates, cups, and napkins that will amuse all of your guests once at the party.

Decorate the venue with space mission foil balloons and wall decorations. Get the kids involved with space paddle balls and space mission sticker sheets. Give them something to take home like favor boxes in the shapes of shuttles or provide them with shuttle erasers to use at school. Finally, remember to create a little fun with the scary grey alien adult mask. Nothing like a little fear at a space theme party!