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Safari Party

Take your party to Africa with the Safari theme party! Children especially love this sort of theme since it sets the mood of being an explorer in the African safari. Be festive throwing this party by using the coolest Safari decorations and the best paper products available to make your Safari party a success. Decorate the environment with animal and nature props that bring the safari right into your own home. Set up a rose bush and use our tree props to bring the animal habitat to life. Include bird cutouts that go great sitting atop trees. Squirrels and rabbits are also included in the props add-on. Children love nothing more than actually being where they have always dreamt of being.

Make their dreams come true with the right amount of party decorations and supplies. We have multiple bean bags of animals found in the safari that children would love to take home as a souvenir. You can acquire them individually or in a set. Parents, you can even get involved by dressing up. We have the coolest Safari So Goodie costume that will bring the party to life even more. Is this party for a very little one? Include them in the safari scene with the safari friends bib. Reward the children with safari pull back cars that they can take home and show their own peers.

Use our fantastic safari party paper goods for your guests to eat and drink with. Our paper plates (both dessert and dinner), cups, and napkins are designed with your favorite safari cat’s spots that will be adored by the guests. Bringing the party to life also involves acquiring a live lion for the kids to play with…just kidding! But seriously, do the best you can without bringing the real wildlife into your home. Try our Safari animal theme today!