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Racing Party

Fast cars and bikes…every boy’s dreams! Use the Welcome Race Fans banner to let the neighborhood know that only fast vehicles are allowed! Whether your little guy has fallen in love with a Ford or a Harley we have everything you need to throw a Racing party. A racing party is super cool to have because it is a chance for you to let your son show off his admirations. Supporting your boy’s dreams of being a racer is easily done by throwing a racing party and the experience is something his friends will never forget! What do we have to throw a racing party? A race of course! Let us start off by providing you with the ultimate Racing Flags Balloons so the guests can cheer on the racers. Make sure you have visuals to make the Racing Party as real as possible. Use Racing Cutouts and our Race Flag to place around the race track and award the winners with the 1st Place recognition ribbon. Make sure to give Dad the Racing Pit Pass so he can check your tires and gas!

The Racing Party should be a celebration of competition and the love of cars and racing. Capture these moments by taking pictures with our Race Car Driver photo prop. Insert your face and be remembered as a champion! Finally, before your guests go home make sure you send the kids off with souvenirs. We have a variety of items that are sure to delight them. Give them Race Car Pens to take to school to show off their racing skills or send them home with a Die Cast Motorcycle.