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Pirate Party

AARRRe ya ready to party? Captain Jack Sparrow welcomes you to the Pirate Party! He wants you to know that he can help you find everything you need for a fantastic Pirate Party. Pirate Parties are ideal for those who enjoy the perfect storms that come across the dark and vast oceans… now you can live on the thrill of those adventures right in your own home. Do you like Pirates of the Caribbean? Then throw a Pirate Party. Surprise your guests with amazing props and visuals from the fantastic movie that brought pirates back to life. We have many costumes to choose from for all ages and sizes. Little Johnny can live this Halloween as Jack Sparrow and mom can play the role in her Angelica Deluxe costume. Dad, guess that leaves you with Black Beard! There are so many ways you can throw a successful pirate party! Costumes, photo props, pirate pistols, sword fighting, and treasure hunting! Need to store ye booty? Then you need a Pirate’s Booty Pouch. Give the kids an activity with a Pirate Map and leave a little surprise wherever ‘X’ marks the spot!

One essential aspect of your Pirate Party is your party supplies. We have the best napkins, cups, and plates for you to choose form for your party. Include visuals like balloons and wall decorations. Have your guests take part in a Pirate Piñata activity and fill their stomachs with cake in the shapes of pirate ships! Captain Jack Sparrow will be waiting at the door…