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One More Candle Party

How much would one more candle hurt on your next birthday cake? The more candles the better chance of your wish coming true! Throw a party for your friend or family member’s next birthday with our fantastic One More Candle theme party supplies. Our products are guaranteed to delight the birthday person whether they are turning 30 years old or 60. No matter what age these party supplies fit perfect for any birthday party. Planning ahead for a birthday party means knowing how many people will be attending. We have great invitations available to make sure your guests can RSVP. Also include any special directions or activities that may be taking place. For example, is this a surprise party? A black and white party? Our one more candle theme meshes well with tons of other themes!

For birthday people turning a new decade, we have paper goods that will make them feel even more special. Make sure everyone knows how old the birthday person is turning while they are eating down the sweet chocolate cake. Dessert plates are available for decades 30, 40, 50, and 60. Also, banquet plates and napkins are a great addition to your party theme. Get your tables taken care of before setting out your delicious birthday food. We have an outstanding One More Candle centerpiece that can be customized with the included age bands to set atop a fantastic One More Candle table cover.

The One More Candle party theme is a fantastic way to show how appreciated the birthday person is among the guests. Check out our other birthday party supplies to see what can complement your birthday party event. Make this birthday party memorable for all ages to come.