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Jungle Party

Get creative with the next party for your children by going with our stunning Jungle party theme. This theme is guaranteed to create a memorable experience among the children and the parents attending as well. Teach your kids about the jungle animals and environment with our fantastic products meant to decorate your venue just as it would look in the real jungle. Jungle theme parties go well with birthday parties or baby showers while providing the same exciting experience. Let your baby shower guests know what gender you are having with the girl or boy letter banners. A jungle theme makes for great gift ideas for your guests as well.

Plan ahead for your jungle party by finding exactly how many guests will be attending. Use the appealing King of the Jungle invitations to let your guests know the time and location of the event as well as leaving any instructions about the party inside the invitation. Allow your guests to RSVP with you so you can stay ahead of the pack with how much food and drinks you should acquire. Our fantastic King of the Jungle plates, napkins, and cups leave your guests a lasting impression while also reducing your after party cleanup. Decorate the tables with the attractive Queen of the Jungle table covers. Top off the table décor with the matching centerpiece.

Impress the children of the party by baking cookies using our Jungle Pals cookie cutter set. Let them choose from shapes of monkeys, lions, or elephants! Get them involved and create a great photo opportunity with the Jungle Safari photo prop. Use jungle backdrops and jungle animal props to make your scene just like the real jungle. Finally, do not forget to send the kids home without any souvenirs. There are many bean bag animals, butterfly eraser tops, and activity kits available to select from.