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Hollywood Party

How did you feel the first time you accepted an award for your talents in Hollywood? Wait, you have never been given an award in Hollywood? Then it is time for you to become a star! Throw a Hollywood Theme Party for your family and friends and finally give everyone the feel the wonders of Hollywood. It is so easy to create the Hollywood environment. Hard to believe right? Just try our 40 ft. Hollywood City Scrape room roll and then use our Hollywood Starry Night room roll on the ceiling to take you straight to California! We have so many props available to choose from for your guests that they will feel they are on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Invite movie directors and give them a Clapboard. Then call up your favorite beauty queens and take their picture as they arrive in their limo with our Awards Night Female photo prop.

Everyone wants to feel like a star and there is no better way to feel like a star than to throw a Hollywood Theme Party. Make it as real as you can imagine by having your guests dress up as rockstars with the Rocker wig or finally meet Marilyn Monroe with our Vintage wig. Our props are great for children as well. Make them feel even more important by giving them trophies and allowing them to stand behind a podium while getting their picture taken. For all of you Halle Berry’s, Denzel Washington’s, and Al Pacino’s out there, now is your time! Throw a Hollywood theme party today!