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You’ve done it!  You’ve helped your child make it through the formative school years.  Slap a graduation yard sign in the front of the house and announce it to the world!  Whether little Suzy or Scotty is graduating from preschool, high school, college, or reform school, it’s time to celebrate and we have the supplies to help you plan the perfect graduation party! 

The graduation yard sign will point the way to the party for guests and anyone else looking to crash the celebration, where all will marvel at your party planning skills!  Our graduation outdoor decorating kit is the perfect complement to our graduation yard sign and can help you deck out your space so that your graduate knows just how proud you are.   We’ve even made it easy for you to find graduation party decorations based on your child’s school colors.  Just visit our color-themed party page to find streamers, tableware, including graduation party cups and plates, balloons, and other graduation party supplies in your school’s colors.  Aside from the typical streamers, graduation party cups, balloons, and graduation yard signs, we offer hats that will set your graduate apart from the other guests, confetti to decorate the tables, and a complete graduation outdoor decorating kit that includes a sign, bunting, and an oversized banner so that everyone in town knows that you are the proud parent of a graduate! 

And while you’re ordering your party supplies, don’t forget to order enough graduation party cups to quench your guests’ thirst!  Figure three cups for every guest because no one will remember where they put their cup, and besides, with the cute graduation party cup designs we carry, you might even use them as decorations!  We have graduation party cups to match school colors, with festive graduation-themed designs, and wishing congrats to your graduate.