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Giddy Up Cowboy Party

Whether you live on a farm around horses or you are just a good ole animal lover our Giddy Up Cowboy party is a perfect choice for a great party theme. As if our plastic steer head wasn’t enough, we also have a western door curtain for all guests to walk through upon arriving. Ideally that would be just like walking into a Wild West saloon. Decorate the table by acquiring our great giddy up cowboy napkins, plates, and cups. These make for great supplies and provide your guests with the feel of being a cowboy!

For the most hardened cowboys we have a cowboy vest available for the best horse riders. Decorate your surroundings with inflatable cactuses and use rusty barbed wire garland to show where your territory begins and ends. The Giddy Up party favor kit is ideal for kids who want to dress up as their favorite cowboy. The favor kit includes a red bandana, a plastic western vest, and a child sized cowboy hat with a star. Pick up your Giddy Up party kit today!