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Disco Party

Were you a part of the Disco movement and want to bring back your dance moves? Then what better idea would there be than to throw a Disco theme party?! Invite all of your friends who were part of the movement and even teach the younger generations about what it took to be the disco king or queen! Girls, dress up in our Disco Mama Adult Costume and show your man who the boss is on the dance floor. Guys, get our 1970’s Disco Dude Afro and remind your lady what it was like when you had hair. Turn your dining room into your high school dance floor with a variety of items available in our selection.

Of course, the music is a must for a disco night. But what else gives you the disco vibe? Is it a disco ball light? What about disco banners and sparkling lights? Try our 6 foot Disco Foil Doorway Dangler to set the mood for your guests as soon as they walk in the door. Then they will definitely be ready to get their groove on! There is nothing more fun at a disco party than making the environment as real as it was in the 1970’s. Provide your guests with disco napkins, plates, cups, and even a disco punch bowl! There are numerous costumes and wigs available for women and men. Also, go a step further by getting our disco accessories like bracelets and necklaces. End the night with a bang by hanging up a Disco Ball Pull String Piñata and letting the winner take home the goodies! Get your disco dance on today!