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Cardboard Standups

The best way to bring a party to life is to bring characters and scenes from your favorite sports, TV shows, and movies to your party as cardboard standups. Cardboard standups will set you apart from other parties because the standups create a huge lifelike presence in your home. They also help set the mood for the party. People can take pictures and admire the beauty of standups. Our standups come in a huge amount of selections that can fit multiple themes. Throwing a big animal theme party? Use our lion standup to place at the head of the table to claim the status as head of the wilderness. Or enjoy our fantastic T-Rex standup for those parties using a Dinosaur theme.

Want to use a standup that gets your guests involved? Are your guests baseball lovers, too? Our Grand Slam Baseball Game standup is the perfect entity for your party. Children can throw balls through the holes to hit home runs and grand slams. The standup also serves as a great backdrop for baseball theme parties. But the fun does not stop there! Enjoy Disney theme parties using mickey and Minnie mouse standups. Avid Star Wars fans can enjoy the super incredible Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker standup. Use the force and control the excitement of the party. Other standups include characters from the Wizard of Oz, Winnie the Pooh, and Twilight. It is no wonder why cardboard standups are such a hit at a party. They bring so many things at the party to life!

The variety of cardboard standups we have made available for our customers is the best thing that could happen to any party planner. Plan ahead and find out which standup will best fit your theme. Let your guests enjoy your decorations so that they will leave with an experience they will never forget.