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Birthday Candles

Excite the little one for their birthday this year by getting them the best candle available so they can blow it out after making their ultimate wish. Maybe you need candles for the baby shower coming up. Either way, candles are a bright way to light up the cake. No matter the age we have candles that will be great for any birthday cake. Any birthday person would be proud to see their birthday candle. Candles are a conclusion to someone’s year of being alive. Blowing a birthday candle out symbolizes a new year of life for the birthday person. Make their whole experience memorable by starting with the right birthday candle.

Get fancy for your child’s birthday this year by providing an appealing candle for the guests to admire. Does your kid love the movie Disney’s Cars? For their birthday this year make them extra happy by giving them a Cars logo candle to blow out on their cake. We also have Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty molded candles for all ages and kids to enjoy. If you want to keep it simple for the older birthday people then take a look at our regular candle selection. There are many colors to choose from and you can use these traditional candles to give the experienced birthday person a challenge by blowing out so many candles at once.

We also have exclusive birthday candles for adults, too! Check out our Happy Birthday toothpick candles for 30, 40, 50, and 60 year olds. Make this birthday party special by using the right amount of decorations. Decorate the cake, the venue, and your wardrobe! Match all your decorations with the birthday person’s requested theme. Invite your guests and be sure to sing happy birthday in your best voice. Throw the best birthday party today!