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4th of July

There’s no better way to celebrate the Independence of our country than with going all out with red white and blue decorations!  July 4, 1776, changed our nation for the better and now each and every year we get to throw a great party in remembrance of that great day.  Choose from a multitude of flag inspired decorations or firework plates, napkins and cups.  Want to get everyone in on the fun? Our party assortment kits will provide each one of your guests with a hat, noise maker and lei, exactly what they need to celebrate the day.   Go all out in a Miss Liberty costume or Uncle Sam and show your family and friends that you’re really in the mood for a great 4th of July.  Have flags ready to pass out to your guests before the fireworks go off or spread star confetti around your tables to bring the 4th of July theme to every aspect of your home.  Love to bake?  Make start shaped cookies for the big day and color them red, white and blue for your guests to enjoy.  Whether you’re attending a barbeque, throwing one or just getting together with friends for a 4th of July parade, be prepared and decked out in festive gear to show your pride for your country!